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 Schools in Iowa, and  Minnesota are currently using the program and we just released the individual online course. The online course is for students and  instructors to implement the curriculum in their classrooms.

YEIP™ is focused on eSports (Gaming), Sports, Education, and Technology. We firmly believe that “IP” Intellectual Property is the currency of the future. Urban creativity and innovation have yet to be tapped and is ready to explode with new ideas and companies of the future. By helping students learn how business functions we empower them with the skills for today and tomorrow.


The purpose of this program is to prove students with the opportunity to apply critical thinking skills in an academic setting, that they can apply directly to future careers. In this new era technology will drive innovation and career opportunities, by preparing students with real-world experiences they can become better prepared to succeed both academically and in the business world. American’s have long been the world leaders in innovation and the driving force behind popular culture. As we become more reliant on technology critical thinking becomes the primary skill of the future. Thoughts are the “currency” of the future and those prepared to capitalize on that fact will succeed. The old dynamic of working for a company for 30 years, getting a pension and retirement no longer exist. Research shows that the average person will change jobs every five years and the same skill needed to be an entrepreneur will be valuable for employees as well, regardless of the industry.


According to the McKinsey Global Institute  “Within the next 15 years, nearly 15% of the global workforce may need to switch jobs.” By 2030, 75 million to 375 million workers will change occupation categories; another 400 to 800 million could be displaced by automation and need new jobs entirely. This will mark the biggest labor shift since the early 1900s. While new jobs will be created in the coming years, workers may not have the necessary skills to transition into these roles. As highly repeatable tasks become increasingly automated, soft skills — critical thinking, communication, and collaboration abilities — will become essential


“Today, a very small share of jobs requires skills such as high-level logical reasoning and emotional skills. With the share of those jobs only increasing in the future, the challenge to educators will be to emphasize these traits in school and training programs. Currently, they are largely thrown into the usually ignored bucket of “soft skills.”” Inc. Magazine 2017

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