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Team, owned and operated by professional athletes, coaches and sports experts since 1998. aligns professional athletes and educators with the technology sector focused on eSports (gaming), mobile apps, VR and other forms of technology. has three distinct units:


  • The eSports Business Accelerator which host eSi Pitch events,

  • The Instructional Toolbox which connects developers and experts in education & professional athletes and

  • The eSports Competition’s Unit which will host eSports events.


CEO & Co-Founder Reginald ”Reggie” Grant, MSEd, entrepreneur, educator and former New York Jet.



Silicon Valley is the epicenter for all that is tech. But, that world has not been as open as it should be to urban people, ie people of color and women.  Americans are the purveyors of popular culture around the world, and the driving force behind American culture comes from Urban America. Research has shown that diversity is good for the bottom line and the reality is that the tech sector is not in step with the rest of society. Extremists are now in the open as they attempt to create their own space online. Those individuals and companies that want to succeed in the 21st century and truly change the world for the better will be inclusive.


eSports Business Accelerator "esi Pitch" is focused on Sports, Education and Technology. 


Mission: To connect innovators with funding sources, and experts while providing access to opportunities for the under-served and overlooked.’s non-traditional “eSports Business Accelerator” is focused on inclusion, innovation, and incubation for eSports projects.  We leverage our relationships in the sports and education sectors and understanding of the urban landscape. We firmly believe that “IP” Intellectual Property is the currency of the future. Urban creativity and innovation have yet to be tapped, and it is ready to explode with new ideas and companies of the future.


We are seeking to align with companies, investors, and funds that understand that change and disruption can be profitable. Our Urban Pitch Event’s and our new Web Series are focused on finding talent, and companies that can make an impact and be profitable, by tapping into underserved sectors. We will become a resource for trendsetters, investors and companies in that space.

Special Advisors to the CEO
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