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Push Tech 2020 Summit 2018

in Silicon Valley


Since the passing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. the world has evolved and progressed yet, much of American society has remained entrenched in the past. The one figure from the group of civil rights activist and fighters who surrounded and were inspired by Dr. King stand above the rest, the Reverend Jesse Jackson. From his historic run for the presidency to his creation of the Rainbow Push organization. He has continually been on the forefront of the struggle for equality, diversity and economic opportunity for all Americans. Yet, again his foray into the new paradigm “the Tech revolution” has been no less impactful. From his addressing the share holders of major technology companies in Silicon Valley to his development of the PUSH TECH 2020 SUMMIT. His legacy as a legendary front-line soldier for the rights of others is cemented in history for future generations to use as a guiding light.

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in the PUSH TECH 2020 SUMMIT event. I was so very impresses with the organization, the panelist and information shared. The attendees provided a great opportunity for networking and I was empowered and energized by the entire slate of events. In brief the panelist in a word were “outstanding”, they provided unique insights to the progress make in the tech sector and the challenges moving forward. If you can ever attend one of these events do not hesitate, it can be a life altering experience.


“Women Warriors in Tech," These women in leadership delivered on point messages to anyone considering entering the tech sector as a founder or corporate power-player.


“Mothers of the NBA” Roz Hudell demonstrated why she is one of the most powerful women in tech and Wanda Durant allowed us into her world and empowered everyone in the room.


“Diversity, Inclusion and Equity: Where do we go from Here,” These panelist provided real world tips on how to navigate the tech world and manage the challenges one may face.


“The Business of Sports, Tech & Social Impact”, It was an honor to serve on this panel with these intelligent and successful leaders as we discussed the importance of tech and its social impact on our society. Some insight was also provided about the business opportunities available and how eSports is converging with traditional sports and impacting education.


“Faith Tech 2020” The impact of technology on both young and old was discussed as the panelist provided insight on a church centered tech lab pilot program. The expended Faith Tech Lab project was discussed as the nationwide pilot program is being implemented.


Reginald Grant, MSEd—CEO,  eSports Business Accelerator Program

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