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I share my worlds of technology (I'm a geek [cute though]/serial entrepreneur), my mad
passion for jazz and all rich music, and my pursuit to live passionately.
Tech Diva, that's me, has been sculpted by 35+ years in entertainment technology. 
• a digital video arts and production educator and college curriculum author, an award-winning interactive multimedia producer, digital media technologies consultant, the Super Gear Girl – professional audio, video, and computing products sales, consulting, and tech education –


Mark  is widely known as an education entrepreneur and technology expert.  He is sought after by teaching professionals, parents, and various learning institutions in both private and public sectors.  Specializing in growth and organizational development. When institutions are failing or not meeting desired goals they call on Mark. As seen on NBC and OWN Mark currently owns Bridell Institute a global academic service provider for all age groups.


Stanley has consulted public and private clients for thirty years. He has directed marketing solutions for clients such as BET Cable Network, MCA Universal, Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser, Bud Light, Bacardi Silver); Seagram’s, AEG (Staples Center, Los Angeles Kings), Curacao Tourism Board, Board and others. He recently completed four years as a Project Consultant to FAME Santa Monica Senior Apartments, LLC, a 49 unit, $20 million senior affordable housing project.


A former New York Jet, NFL and CFL he is an author, speaker, and educator. He is the founder of His books include “Thoughts of An Urban Teacher” (2017), “Success Stories Insights by African American Men”(2016),“A Case for Bilingual Education” (2015) and “A Teacher’s View. Education in America”(2014). Prior to education he was in the tech and business sector.


Phillip co-founded Global Business Incubation in 1991 with Paul and Tonia McDonald. Their vision and purpose is to create a small business support system to launch and support entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and small businesses. Armed with a researched blueprint on wealth creation, a tool for building an economic system to positively affect the economic landscape of underserved urban communities. For to long these urban communities have endured with few economic opportunities, capital, or infrastructure to support business development…wealth creation.

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