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Partnership formed to develop patented next level of VR/AR Technology “Immersive Reality™”

Los Angeles, California (Wednesday, June 7, 2017), Canadian-based SETi “SIDOG” has inked an agreement with three partners to develop and release its patented technology. Its first product will be for the sports sector and will dramatically alter the experience of sports fans worldwide. 

Designated Hitter / Bull Pen

Designated Hitter / Bull Pen – an interactive immersive live action real-time training game for Major & Minor league baseball playable by Kids of all ages globally. Bull Pen is an innovative and proprietary use of SETi’s emerging technology that integrates Gamers and Users directly into live action real time baseball games events for Major League Baseball broadcast live on Television
and simulcast on the internet.

 Multiple defensible patents backed by global I.P. giant and SETi associate Intellectual Ventures
 Growing I.P. portfolio, SIDOG - SIDOBLE - Sublima-View - iPostcard + 19 additional protectable concepts
 Disruptive game changing tech foresees and builds towards future of AI, VR, AR, Holograms, MEMS, TV & IoT
Simulcast broadcasting - for this mixed reality coins “VAIRS” – (Virtually Augmented Intelligent Reality Systems)
 Entertaining, Educational, Career Building & Profitable for Gamers, Users & Investors
 Creates new online Leagues to promote health and co-operative Team spirit through reciprocal game play

Using a Wii style baseball bat, home/remote Gamers are immersed into semi-simulated environments where they appear to themselves and others nearby to be standing in the Batter’s box facing their Pitching heroes in a major league Bull Pen. As their favourite big league Pitcher warms up for his next plate appearance Gamers take batting practice along with them and
the Catcher in real time. As Gamers stand in the box and swing away the computer will score them. Those who score well are awarded points and have a chance to share in prizes, fame and glory! Maybe even a Major league contract? Holograms of Gamers and Sponsors products are beamed directly into the bull pen during the live game where they appear live to those in
the stands and those on TV and the IoT. Fans = Ratings = Advertisers = $.

 Promotes Learning, Earning, Entertainment and Health for Kids of all ages globally
 Multi-Layered Video Style Online Gaming & App platform transcends GEN LIKE gaming levels
 Carves & creates emerging niche for Social interaction during online gaming by merging Gamers with live Hero’s
 Applicable to MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, Pro Motor, Air & Horse Racing, Music Concerts, Educational events 
with Bull Pen, Instant Idol, Ride Along, Coach Potato, Puddle Jump, VR Flyer & more!!

Plans are for creating a league of online Batters divided into age groups representing various Teams with a Champion to be crowned in each category often. Knock off the King, win big!! Pit your virtual Bull Pen batting squad against other Teams, out hit them, your Team wins big! This interactive game might lead to fame & fortune for “GENERATION-LIKE” Gamers
who will embrace and easily understand Bull Pen. The intent? Draw millions of Fans back to the game through a learning, earning & entertaining training game platform that works to provide a harmonic balance between traditional live action TV broadcasting & graphic driven, bandwidth intensive, on-demand and live simulcasting.

 Serves exponentially growing online video style gaming industry, est. $100 billion annually by 2020
 Innumerable revenue generating verticals expected through innovative FREE DEV licensing initiative
 Innovative in-house born advertising concepts designed to further monetize the platform.
 Direct targeted marketing maximizes Sponsors dollars with unobtrusive game integration, patentable I.P.
 Sportsbook adaptable - Myriad SIDOG games can be monetized through online VEGAS style betting services
 Win (Gamers) - Win - (Investors) - Win - (SETi) - Win (Sports Franchises) - Win (Educational Institutions) Win -(Society) - Win - (The Environment) – SIDOG looks beyond SIMS – “Sidoggers do it live for REAL!”

Representation: Business Development International –

Walter Horsting 916-213-1724 M

John L Coulson – Founder – Inventor

SETi- SIDOG Entertainment Technologies interactive
5824 Wallace Rd. – Pender Island B.C., Canada – V0N2M2 - 250.999.8691 -


The Partners:

SETiSIDOG Entertainment Technologies Int. - Online gaming developer with patented gaming platform technology for multiple verticals that anticipates the future of online gaming and digital revenue creation with featured AR/VR/

AI games and apps for sports, entertainment and education. Edutaining games that play out in real time as Gamers are pitted live against their sports, entertainment and educational heroes, competing and comparing skills while learning and potentially earning, cash, fame and glory! Bullpen – Immerses you directly into live action real-time events through use of AR/VR/3D systems to place Gamers directly into the batter’s box during a live pitching session where they become be an integral part of the live on-field action. Remote Gamers take live pitching from Pro and Amateur pitchers from the bullpen of various major and minor league teams while they simultaneously watch the live TV broadcast of their favorite teams.  John L. Coulson – Award winning Inventor, Entrepreneur, Businessman, founder of SETi, Eco-Warrior, Philanthropist, Visionary, creator of SIDOG.



BDI (Bus. Dev. Intl. LLC.) is an entertainment and media integration company connecting technology teams to global projects for the Fortune 500, Education, Entertainment, Government and Healthcare.  BDI introduces companies to Venture and Private Equity firms for project finance.  Walter Horsting has led firms for 30+ years into projects such as AT&T, Bloomberg, Cisco, DirecTV, Dubai Mall, Gaylord national resort, Level 3, LAX, MGM Studios & Casinos, Microsoft Envisioning Centers, Nike, NY Times, Office of Homeland Security and the State of California.


IPS Studios (Intellectual Property System Studios) has worked with many studios. Universal, Sony, Warner Bros. On games, mobile, platform, TV, and movies in both writing and design. Years of advertising experience with major brands and successful product launches like Mercedes, Diet Coke, and McDonald's. CEO, J.R. Horsting, owned and operated by professional athletes, coaches and sports experts since 1998. aligns professional athletes and educators with the technology sector focused on eSports (gaming), mobile apps, VR and other forms of technology. has three distinct units: the eSports Business Accelerator which host eSports Pitch events, The Instructional Toolbox which connects developers and experts in education & professional athletes and The eSports Competition’s Unit which will host eSports events. CEO & Co-Founder Reginald ”Reggie” Grant, MSEd, entrepreneur, educator and former New York Jet.

Register for The Business of Sports Conference: The Global Business of Sports – “eSports Pitch” Session at


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