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eSports Amateur Competition League (EACL), the new farm system for professional eSports is clearly positioned to make the most immediate impact. I say this as they prepare to display at E3, the world’s top video Gaming convention starting this week right here in Los Angeles, California. They are launching their platform and putting up One Million Dollars in prize money for an eSports Tournament this fall. I understand that many of you do not know much about eSports (gaming) but it's positioned to become as mainstream as football, basketball, baseball hockey and soccer. With over 300 Million participants worldwide and poised to break the 1 Billion Dollar mark as an industry. eSports will be the next multi-billion dollar sports sector. 

Learn more about the platform, league ownership opportunities and how they are helping non-profits raise monies for their programs by clicking on one of the links below.

eSports Amateur Competition League (EACL

Own your own league


Non-Profit fund rasing opportunities


Become an EACL Tournament Specialist

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