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Topics:                               WATCH VIDEOS FROM THE CONFERENCE


How to earn a scholarship, how to finance college, the mental, academic and physical elements of college sports, the experiences of student athletes, etc.


How to find a job in the sports industry, get a contract with sports organizations, find opportunities, etc.


How to create and sustain a business or non-profit in the sports sector, connecting to Global Business opportunities, etc......


Projected Topics:

1.The Business of Youth Sports: Its Impact and Opportunities for Athletes, Families & Communities

To educate and inform student-athletes, parents, and coaches about the college scholarship and recruiting process, the life of a college student-athlete, the financial implications, To educate and inform individuals and organizations about the real impact of injuries, concussions and other health related issues facing student-athletes, families, and organizations.etc.


2.The Business of Youth Sports: Non-Profits Upside and Impact on Communities Served

To educate and inform individuals and organizations about setting up a non-profit to serve the sports sector, success stories, roadblocks, opportunities and impact on the lives of youth, families, and communities.


3. The Impact of Technology on the Sports Sector

How the game of sports has changed because of the integration and use of technology, the impact of social media and use of technology by colleges in the recruiting process, and much more.


4. Financial Opportunities in the Sports Industry – Business, Innovation, and Jobs

Real-world opportunities, jobs and the business of sports and how to leverage your way in…..


5. An Opportunity to present your business or concept to a panel of industry influncers. Top projects presented to key Angel investors, Venture Capitalist and considered for the eSports Business Accelerator Program. (Limited to 10 presentations)



Panelist / Speakers   CLICK TO SEE SPEAKERS BIO'S


Bob Grant, Chairman of the Board Retired NFL Players Congress, SB Champ

Jaymes Hines, CMO Athletes Playbook

Joe Sweet, Former NFL player, Mortage Business

Storme Sweet, Fragile Hearts Foundation, Film Director

CJ “Coach CeJai” Taylor, Activist, Coach, Attorney at Law

Emeree Patterson, CEO Moving Waters Foundation, Awarnessformer Raider

Kamala Nellen, Peak Performance Consultant

Casey Cummings, Branding Expert, former collegiate football player Northwestern

Mark Campbell, Speaker, Educator, Education Entrepreneur owner Brindell Institute

Rev. Bryan C. Jones., Executive Director and Co-founder of the H.O.O.P Foundation

Reginald Johnson, Chairman, The Willowbrook Inclusion Network

Howard Douglas, III, Financial Advisor, Former Collegiate Basketball student-athlete at West Virginia State Univ.

Charles Thompson, HR/ Sponsorships, Rose Bowl Stadium

Juliano A, Jarquin, MHA, Personal Development, and Life Mastery, CEO, The Human Element Passage

Global Business of Sports Moderator and eSports Pitch Moderator: Reginald Grant,MSEd - Founder, Author, Educator, Speaker, NFL Alumni (Jets)

James Burks, City of Los Angeles, Vision Theater

Panel discussions follow each topic introduction. WATCH VIDEOS FROM THE CONFERENCE


The Historic Los Angeles Vision Theater, (James Burks)

The National Alliance of African American Athletes. The Alliance presents the most prestigious award in the nation for African American Male High School Scholar Athletes, the Watkins Award. The NAAAA Watkins Award alumni have an impressive 98% university graduation rate. This award has been around for over 25 years and its alumni include Heisman Winner and #1 Over all NFL pick Jameis Winston, Rhode Scholar Myron Rolle, Gerald McCoy, Ted Ginn, Jr, Ben Tate, Muhammad Mossaquai, Justin Blaylock, NBA Champion Shane Battier, Mohamed Massaquoi, Devier Posey, Robert Tate, LaVar Arrington, and many more high profile professional and collegiate



NAAAA California Chapter: Proceeds support our Mentoring programs, Summer Academic camps, and College Readiness program

The Business Circle Network -

Attorney Chad Jones

Peoples Financial Services

Mary Gardner Communications -

Grant Language Academy -

A Family of Authors -

Bridell Institute -

Hancock Stories Foundation (501c3) ( one of the Sponsors of our 2017 “Success Lessons Mentoring” Program)

Alstntec, LLC -

Brighter Tomorrow Events Management, Inc.

JNF Enterprises


8:00 am -9:30 am The Business Circle Network Breakfast

9:00 am - 9:50am Conference Registration

10:00 am - 2:00 pm The Global Business of Sports Conference

2:00 - 3:30 "eSports Pitch" Session


Hancock Stories


"Youth Entrepreneurial

 Impact Program"

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